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                                                                                                  Carbonated Drinks. 

We are premier distributor of original soft drinks and energy drinks like:

Coca-Cola , Diet Coke, Fanta Orange, Pepsi Cola , Diet Pepsi, Sprite, 7UP, Red Bull, Thai Red Bull & More…

Features: (Case of 24 Cans)          ( Case of 12 Bottles )        (Case of 24 Bottles )

           330ml Per Can                1.5Lt Per Bottle               500ml Per Bottle

Energy Drinks.


           Red Bull, Red Bull Editions, Monster Energy Drink & Thai  Red Bull  kratingdaen.

            (Case of 24 Cans)

                 250ml per can

Expiry Date: Not less than 24 months

Available languages: full English, English+German, English+French, English+Spanish. English+Arabic


                                                                                       Heineken Lager Beer Original Holland Made.